So how can counselling help?

Whilst talking to our friends and family or just getting on with our lives and hoping it will all go away is one way of managing, this doesn’t always help us to making change in our lives.

Our feelings can get stuck and we feel too scared to unlock them. We may use all sorts of destructive ways to try and cope. We develop addictions, we use alcohol to dull the pain, we smoke, we find ourselves in unhealthy relationships, we push people away, we get very angry.

This is where counselling can help as making changes on our own is often too hard. We may have insight but having another skilled, trained and experienced person that you trust, alongside you, is what enables the change to happen.

Counselling doesn’t offer a magic wand to fix your life but it starts a change. It isn’t that I will advise you or tell you what to do but it is about us working together to understand your difficulties and see what changes can be made.


  • I can help you to understand the destructive patterns in your life and where they come from.

  • I can help you to focus on relationships that work for you.

  • I can give you tools to manage emotions in more healthy ways.

  • I can help you feel more empowered.

People often report that counselling with me helps them to feel calmer, less anxious, less stressed, sleep better, have improved communication, a better work/life balance, look after themselves more, understand their needs better, make positive changes, learn how to say no and laugh again.